February Babies

February, the month of LOVE, is a great month to have a baby!

istock preggie valentine belly

My very first baby was born in February, and it was like Valentine’s Day every day.

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Pregnant in 2012?

Starting the new year off pregnant? horse pregnant cute


Head on over to my Facebook page and let’s talk about it! 

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Why take childbirth classes?

I love childbirth education. I mean, really…I’m a HUGE fan! I don’t think anything can take the place of excellent information and preparation for one of the most life-changing events ever—the birth of a baby.  

 Nichole Lucas first minutes 4 4 11 WM jpg

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How do I know when to go?

Hands down, I’d say  the most frequently asked question in my childbirth classes is  ”How do I know when to go to the hospital?” Trying to discern that fine line between “It’s waaaay to early to get there” and “I should’ve been there SOONER!” can be unusually challenging for many preggies.  Whoever is providing support for the laboring mom often find themselves staring at closely watching her, trying to sense some sort of  “GO NOW” signal. But particularly for first-time moms, trying to figure out the best time to leave for the hospital can be a bit confusing. 

black toddler darling

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Spring Babies

Whoa, baby!  It’s been awhile! To be honest, I got swamped this spring and haven’t had much time to update my webpage.  Spring always seems to be ushered in with births and even the cows on our farm have blessed us with new little ones.

cow new baby more licking 3 2 11

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Explaining Preeclampsia

Hi!  In the childbirth classes I teach, I am often asked to explain what preeclampsia is.  Most women have at least heard the term mentioned during their pregnancy, and they may know that it can only affect pregnant and postpartum women, but sometimes the actual definition is a bit shadowy. 


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I can’t let February slip past without mentioning chocolate–that delicious product so many of us crave love!  Over the past few years, some interesting research has popped up that gives preggies a chance to feel a little less guilty when they indulge a bit. These early studies show that eating dark chocolate during pregnancy may help reduce the risk of pre-eclampsia.

chocolate liquid

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Food for Love

There has been some fun talk on the news today for couples who are hoping to have a baby born on 11-11-11.  If that’s the goal, then today is the day for conception!  (At least that’s the textbook schedule.)

For those hoping to inspire a little…conceptual activity…Dr. Steven Lamm, author of The Hardness Factor, has some suggestions.  The easiest way to determine which foods help the libido is to look at the appearance of the food in its natural state.  If it looks similar to certain body parts (ahem), then those foods are likely to improve the libido. For starters, let’s look at bananas and figs: 

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Lovin Season

Apparently last spring was a very  lovin’ season because there were a LOT of babies born in December! It seems that about the time I got rested up from one birth and made sure the new mom and baby were a happily nursing pair, another baby was on the way.  : )  All that birthin’ work is sure one way to warm up the holidays!


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