“How Much Longer Until I Have the Baby?”

It’s not unusual for an exhausted mom in labor (or an exhausted birth partner) to ask, “How much LONGER is it going to be?” Or sometimes the mom asks, “How far along am I?” This question is usually asked when the mom has been in labor for awhile and is doubting her ability to handle one more contraction. She hopes to be reassured that she will soon be pushing her little one out into the world. While the dynamic of labor patterns can fluctuate from woman to woman and from birth to birth, there are some tried and true indicators that give us a pretty good idea of how quickly labor is progressing at that point and how soon the mom may be fully dilated and ready to push. Understanding these signs is very helpful, whether you are supporting a mom in labor or whether you are preparing for your own labor and birth. In the article “How Much Longer Will It Be?” I’ll share 5 physical/emotional signs that indicate that first stage labor (the dilating phase) will likely soon be over and the second stage of labor (the pushing stage) will soon begin. The indicators I’ll share with you are: Contraction Pattern + Mom’s Emotional Signs, Change in Contractions, Bulge of Muscles in Low Back, Rising of Belly Towards the Bra Line and The Purple Line. I hope you find this helpful in understanding your labor or supporting a woman in labor.

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Hi, I'm a Southern girl who has loved the birthin' scene for over 25 years! I'm a CAPPA certified childbirth educator, a DONA certified doula, an ALPP certified lactation counselor and a Healthy Moms Fitness certified perinatal fitness instructor. I consider it a blessing and an honor to work with and serve pregnant women and new moms, and I would love to help you feel more informed and comfortable about your pregnancy, birth or postpartum.
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