“I want a doula, but I can’t afford one.”

I know it seems that when you are pregnant,  expenses just keep mounting! You have to buy baby clothes, baby slings, baby swings, car seats, strollers, bassinets, cribs, high chairs and so much more. You borrow and buy maternity clothes, … Continue reading

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“How Much Longer Until I Have the Baby?”

It’s not unusual for an exhausted mom in labor (or an exhausted birth partner) to ask, “How much LONGER is it going to be?” Or sometimes the mom asks, “How far along am I?” This question is usually asked when … Continue reading

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Confusing Contractions

Often, I get phone calls asking if I can help figure out a confusing contraction pattern. Childbirth books and pamphlets sometimes indicate that “real labor contractions” will start a certain way, feel a certain way, be spaced a certain length … Continue reading

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Braxton Hicks vs. Labor Contractions

(What’s the Difference?) I’m often asked to explain the difference between Braxton Hicks contractions and labor contractions. That’s a great question! These two types of contractions are often confused. Understanding the characteristics of Braxton Hicks and labor contractions will help … Continue reading

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Exercise & Pregnancy

Before you begin an exercise program during pregnancy, it is really important to have an obstetrical medical evaluation to be sure you have no health risks that could compromise you or your baby during moderate exercise.   When your health … Continue reading

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Aerobic Exercise During Pregnancy- Is it Safe?

Pregnant or not, warmer weather often inspires us to get outside and get active. For most of us, that is a very good thing! Moderate strength training and aerobic exercise can be very beneficial during pregnancy as it helps strengthen … Continue reading

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Explaining Epidurals

Sometimes it seems as though the birth world is split between medicated and unmedicated (“natural”)  birth. Emotions can run high on both sides and I’m not planning on getting into all that in my post today, so you can all … Continue reading

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Preggie Baby Bellydance

Take a look at this cute Cuban mama belly dancing at 40 weeks pregnant! Ya gotta love her moves!  This young lady is one of my childbirth moms, and she gave me permission to post this on my site.  I … Continue reading

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A Quick Tip for Early Labor

Hi everyone! I’ve been making some short video clips with some quick tips for labor that I hope you will find helpful. I’ve also made a few explaining some common terms used in childbirth classes, and I hope to make … Continue reading

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Guilt-Free Pancakes!

   Pancakes? On a childbirth website?  Yep! I’ve been talking to some of my preggo friends about the importance of eating high-protein foods while pregnant, and my husband suggested I post this recipe for high-protein, low-carb pancakes. Yes, these pancakes … Continue reading

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