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I love childbirth education. I mean, really…I’m a HUGE fan! I don’t think anything can take the place of excellent information and preparation for one of the most life-changing events ever—the birth of a baby.

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There are many different approaches and perspectives on the labor and birth process, but I think the goal of every childbirth teacher is the same—to provide expectant parents with the most up-to-date, accurate information on the birth process, postpartum and newborn care; to alleviate anxieties and fears by educating them as to what they can expect; and to provide them with some techniques they can utilize themselves to help alleviate pain and stress and make their labor and birth experience as positive and fulfilling as possible.

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I’m often asked to describe what I cover in my childbirth classes and what makes them distinctive from other classes in the area. As a CAPPA certified, independent childbirth instructor, I’ve been able to create my class curriculum to include information, techniques and perspectives that I have found to be the most helpful after almost 30 years of personal teaching and research.

I understand the fears and questions that many women have when facing the upcoming birth of their baby. I know that many times husbands feel nervous about what they are getting themselves into when they sign up for a childbirth class. My classes cover a lot of practical (and technical) information, but there is a lot of humor mixed in.

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I don’t shy away from teaching about pain in labor, why it may be present and what can be done to alleviate it without (or before) using medication. I had some long and often challenging labors myself, but I had very positive birth experiences that I cherish! “Pain” and “bad experience” are NOT two sides of the same coin. What makes the difference, though? How can even a painful labor be a good, postive birth experience? How can labor pain be alleviated without drugs, and how can we know what technique to try and when to try it? I cover all that and more!

I’d love for you to click on What I Teach About Pain and Birth Dynamics Classes to read more about what my class curriculum covers and see if it is the kind of information you are looking for to help prepare for your upcoming birth.

Happy Birthing!

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