Explaining Epidurals

iStock 000014397542SmallSometimes it seems as though the birth world is split between medicated and unmedicated (“natural”)  birth.

Emotions can run high on both sides and I’m not planning on getting into all that in my post today, so you can all breathe easy. 🙂

If I am working with a mom who plans to have an epidural, I always give her information and techniques she can use with an unmedicated birth anyway, just in case that’s what she ends up with, whether she plans to or not!

In the same way, I think all birthing women should have an understanding of how epidurals and spinals work, even if they are planning an unmedicated birth, just in case they have an unplanned C-section or there is some other reason they may need that type of medication.

In my article,“Explaining Epidurals,” I explain how epidurals are given, what the possible benefits or potential negative side effects might be, and explain the difference between epidurals and spinals.


I hope this information is helpful to you!








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