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There has been some fun talk on the news today for couples who are hoping to have a baby born on 11-11-11.  If that’s the goal, then today is the day for conception!  (At least that’s the textbook schedule.)

For those hoping to inspire a little…conceptual activity…Dr. Steven Lamm, author of The Hardness Factor, has some suggestions.  The easiest way to determine which foods help the libido is to look at the appearance of the food in its natural state.  If it looks similar to certain body parts (ahem), then those foods are likely to improve the libido. For starters, let’s look at bananas and figs: 


Moving right along, beets and avocados look similar to a uterus and are good for female reproductive health:


Also consider the aroma of the food.  Women in ancient times used to crush basil and rub the aromatic herb on their breasts to make them more enticing.  Garlic was reportedly a libido enhancer and was an herb that monks were instructed to avoid.

basilgarlic 2 bulbs

The heat or spiciness of a food product is also a good indicator that it can “heat up” your love life!  Consider adding some ginger or jalapenos to your diet to add some warmth to your life. 


Of course, in a discussion on the foods of love, we can’t leave out oysters.  They have long been reported as a very effective aphrodisiac.  High in zinc, oysters give a boost to those who consume them. 

oysters on half shell

So here’s hoping that the chilly nights of late winter and early spring provide an opportunity to eat well and love often!

Happy Conception Day!

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