Explaining Preeclampsia

Hi!  In the childbirth classes I teach, I am often asked to explain what preeclampsia is.  Most women have at least heard the term mentioned during their pregnancy, and they may know that it can only affect pregnant and postpartum women, but sometimes the actual definition is a bit shadowy. 


I think the reason for that is because diagnosing preeclampsia doesn’t just involve one specific test. Intead, it is a matter of looking at a cluster of symptoms that, when put together, indicate preeclampsia.  Did that just sound totally muddled to you? 

Well, I think I do a better job explaining preeclampsia in my article “What is Preeclampsia?” In that article, I cover the symptoms, treatment and risk factors for preeclampsia. You’ll find that in my Ask JuJu section. If you get a chance, please click over there and let me know if you need any more ‘splainin’–as Ricky Ricardo says. 



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Hi, I'm a Southern girl who has loved the birthin' scene for over 25 years! I'm a CAPPA certified childbirth educator, a DONA certified doula, an ALPP certified lactation counselor and a Healthy Moms Fitness certified perinatal fitness instructor. I consider it a blessing and an honor to work with and serve pregnant women and new moms, and I would love to help you feel more informed and comfortable about your pregnancy, birth or postpartum.
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